dating a poet


Does it have to be real?


We are gliding through the landscape of a dream.

How wonderful it is to move like this.

Like old friends-

dancing, effortlessly.

Perfectly in time.

Lost in each other’s arms.


further, and further away.

We are seamless;



What is it about you…?


It is so warm here;

buried deep in your chest.

A gentle breeze stirs the thickened air,

as I draw one last long breath.


Lulled, I emerge,

to find time

all but paused.


As though the world stood in awe;

of all these hitherto hidden beauties

now starkly to the fore.

I feel drunken,

as I too am called to serve.

The dark of your eyes,

or those contagious corners and curves.

Pray for my heart.

I am lost;



Why can’t I have this strength on my own?


Your hand is like a key to the gods.

Within its bounds, I feel no fear.

With you—I am invincible.

Blessed with the confidence of the sky,

I would sacrifice everything!

Nothing else ever mattered—

not one tiny, little bit.


Next to you,

I am no longer, just myself.

My Ego dulls, perceptions wane

and fade.

As though,

through my wanting of you—

I am absolved.

No longer these chains.

Free from this frame—

I ascend.

We are gods;



What happens in the middle?


Sadly, I do not know.

I have never been there;

I can tell you how it ends!

When it… hasn’t…

when it… didn’t…

I guess that makes it easier:

when it ends.


How could I ever resent another’s will:

when I am willed!

Every treasure of soul—that I love—

is of will.


it is easy when it ends.

It’s there,

and then it isn’t.



The end.



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