a poem of sex dreams


O, pale fleshed Adonis.

How the light turns golden, as it kisses your skin.


Those limbs of silk and steel.

Luscious flowing meadows of hair:

twirling, teasing the summer wind.

O, gritty, salty, sweaty,

honeyed heaven to the tongue.

How you draw me in.


Thereright there,

where muscle and bone,

and all the sky come to rest.

There, at the base of your neck.


O, to sink my teeth

and drink of the cup:

of thick scarlet rain.

As I hold you down,

and break you in.


Gushing, guzzling, gruntingpain.


O, trickle of blood,

find my tongue in tail.

Running the Elysium of your chest;

down, down the throbbing pulse,

nipple, to nav’l, to furrowed gates.


O, brimming scepter of life,

seed of fathers untold.


O, racing heart,

gasping, shallow breath.

O, soft succulent lips,

probing, taunting tongue.


O… brilliant Cosmos of light.

O, fields of sun soaked wheat.


O, god!

Yes… yes.



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